About Us


SyncoZymes (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is founded in 2007 and located in southern district of Shanghai Pudong Zhangjiang High-tech Park, the International Medical Park. SyncoZymes (Shanghai) is a subsidiary company of SyncoZymes (Zhejiang) Co., Ltd. SyncoZymes is committed to the research and development of cutting-edge technologies and products in the field of green pharmaceuticals, leading the development of the chemical pharmaceutical industry with green biotechnology, and providing high-quality products and services to the customers of pharmaceutical and healthy industry. SyncoZymes (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a national specialized and new "giant" enterprise, a Shanghai high-tech enterprise, a Shanghai "specialized and new" enterprise.

SyncoZymes (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., has a strong biotechnology platform, chemical technology platform, testing and quality research platform and GMP production platform. SyncoZymes focuses on the developing and applicating of biological enzymes and biocatalysis technologies, as well as synthetic biology technologies.

SyncoZymes supplys main products of bioenzymes, co-enzyme of NAD series products (including NMN, NAD, NADP, NADH, NADPH), functional food raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates. The company's customers and partners are all over the world, and she has formed close cooperative relationship with customers in North America, Europe, India and other regions and countries.

SyncoZymes has an experienced management team and a first-class R&D team, including many outstanding experts in the fields of enzyme reaserch and development, drug synthesis process development, drug quality research and other fields. She is well-known and competitive in many important fields such as protein purification, protein engineering, and synthetic biology.

SyncoZymes is a leading company in China's green pharmaceutical industry, with unique technology and strength in integrating chemical synthesis and biotransformation. We always adhere to the principle of enhancing customer value through technology innovation and high-quality service, supply better service to our customers, and become their ideal partner.