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Shangke Bio has a strong biotechnology platform, chemical technology platform, testing and quality research platform and GMP production platform.

Shangke Bio focuses on the developing and applicating of biological enzymes and biocatalysis technologies, as well as synthetic biology technologies. SyncoZymes’ main business is the research, development, production and sales of enzymes, co-enzymes, pharmaceutical intermediates, and functional food raw materials, and provides high-end CRO, CDMO services, testing and quality research services for customers.

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Customer Pain Point

There are many projects and insufficient R&D resources.
Lack of experience in process optimization and scale-up production.
It is necessary to build its own R&D production site and purchase R&D and production equipment.
A large amount of capital is invested, and the company's funds are occupied.

Our Advantage

Has experienced process development, optimization and other research and development team.
Has a professional R & D site, facilities and perfect quality research system and team.
Has a professional project management and intellectual property management team.
It has a pilot and mass production base that complies with GMP management.


SyncoZymes has a large enzyme library with 40 series and more than 10,000 enzymes, which can be applied to various types of chemical transformation reactions. Each type of enzyme can be made into enzyme plate for high-throughput screening. The company provides enzyme plate screening services, as well as the development of enzymes for biotransformation, the design and optimization of biotransformation processes, and the transfer of strains.

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