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Shangke Bio has a strong biotechnology platform, chemical technology platform, testing and quality research platform and GMP production platform.

Shangke Bio focuses on the developing and applicating of biological enzymes and biocatalysis technologies, as well as synthetic biology technologies. SyncoZymes’ main business is the research, development, production and sales of enzymes, co-enzymes, pharmaceutical intermediates, and functional food raw materials, and provides high-end CRO, CDMO services, testing and quality research services for customers.

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Customer Pain Points

Lack of professional biological enzyme research and development and management team.
There is a demand for biological enzymes but do not understand the development process.
Do not understand the properties and methods of use of biological enzymes.
Do not understand the properties and methods of use of biological enzymes.

Our Strengths

A team of professionals with more than ten years of experience in enzyme development and industrialization can customize the enzymes required by customers.
With high-throughput screening and AI-aided evolution technology platform, it can efficiently realize the transformation and evolution of enzymes.
With a large enzyme library with more than 40 series and more than 10,000 enzymes, it can be applied to many types of enzymatic reactions.
Have perfect IP management experience and team.

Service Process

Customer Demand → Confidentiality Agreement → Project Evaluation → Cooperation Agreement → Enzymes Screening → Process Development → (Directed Evolution) → Process Validation  →  Process Transfer → Assist in Production.

Shangke Bio has an enzyme library of 10,000+ enzymes; at the same time, it has built an efficient development and transformation platform for enzymes, which can use machine learning to predict and screen enzymes according to the needs of catalytic reactions, and achieve rapid enzyme evolution through high-throughput screening and testing. Welcome to consult the biological enzyme CDMO service.

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