Threonine deaminase (TDA)

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About Threonine deaminase

ES-TDA (Threonine deaminase): a pyridoxal phosphate protein that catalyzes the deamination of threonine to produce 2-ketobutyric acid and ammonia. Pyridoxal 5-phosphate is necessary as coenzyme in the catalytic system. There is only 1 kind of TDA enzyme product (Number as ES-TDA) developed by SyncoZymes, which can be used to prepare 2-ketobutyric acid or its derivatives from threonine.
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Threonine deaminase TDA2

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Threonine deaminase TDA
Enzymes Product Code Specification
Enzyme Powder ES-TDA-101 a set of 1 Nitrile Reductase, 50 mg each 1 items * 50mg / item, or other quantity



★ High substrate specificity.
★ Strong chiral selectivity.
★ High conversion.
★ Less by-products.
★ Mild reaction conditions.
★ Environmentally friendly.

Instructions for use:

➢ Normally, the reaction system should include substrate, buffer solution, enzyme, coenzyme.
➢ TDA should be added last into reaction system, after the pH and temperature been adjusted to the reaction condition.

Application Examples:

Example 1(Synthesis of L-2-aminobutyric acid from threonine)(1):

Threonine deaminase TDA3


Keep 2 years below -20℃.


Never contact with extreme conditions such as: high temperature, high/low pH and high concentration organic solvent.


1. Wang, Ying, et al. Biotechnology letters, 2018, 40, 1551-1559.

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