Phosphokinase (PKase)

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ES-PKase (Phosphokinase): catalyzes the transfer of phosphate groups on ATP to other compounds. It also catalyzes the transfer of phosphate groups on other nucleosides of triphosphate sometimes. Most kinases need divalent metal ions to participate in the reaction (generally Mg2+). There are 21 kinds of PKase enzyme products (Number as ES-PKase101~ ES-PKase-121) developed by SyncoZymes.
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Phosphokinase PKase2

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Phosphokinase PKase
Enzymes Product Code Specification
Screening Kit (SynKit) ES-PKase-101~ES-PKase-121 a set of 21 Ketoreductases, 1 mg each 21 items * 1mg / item


★ High substrate specificity.
★ Strong chiral selectivity.
★ High conversion.
★ Less by-products.
★ Mild reaction conditions.
★ Environmentally friendly.

Instructions for use:

➢ Normally, the reaction system should include substrate, buffer solution, enzyme, ATP, Mg2+.
➢ PKase should be added last into reaction system, after the pH and temperature been adjusted to the reaction condition.

Application Examples:

Example 1(Synthesis of nicotinamide ribose phosphate from nicotinamide ribose)(1):

Phosphokinase PKase3

Note: application examples and references are intended to indicate the application scope of PKase for ease of understanding, and do not correspond to the specific enzyme of SyncoZymes.


Keep 2 years below -20℃.


Never contact with extreme conditions such as: high temperature, high/low pH and high concentration organic solvent.


1. Khan, Javed A., Song Xiang, and Liang Tong. Structure 15.8 (2007): 1005-1013.

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